Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Beautiful Books

There is nothing so lovely as a beautiful book. Here are two new ones we received in the Children’s Library. 

Snow White by the Brothers Grimm and Camille Rose Garcia. 
 Opening this book is like opening up a little gift. A well designed book is always a treat, and this one is particularly enticing. Mixing the classic Grimm text of Snow White with a taste of the modern artwork by Camille Rose which is both creepy and divine, this book is a wonder. 

If you’ve never read the original story by the Brothers Grimm, this is a great book to explore the text. You’ll be surprised by the lack of a princely kiss and the strange similarities to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, as the seven dwarves discover that their food has been eaten and their beds have been slept in.
If you already know the original Grimm Brothers’ version, Camille Rose Garcia’s artwork seems to spin a new tale entirely, making Snow White otherworldly.
Enticed? Place a hold on it here, or check out Garcia’s version of Alice in Wonderland.
The Seven Dwarves return to their cottage. Who do they find inside?
Viva Frida by Yuyi Morales
One of the most beautiful books of last season, Yuyi Morales’ Viva Frida is a serious Caldecott contender. Using beautiful hand-made puppets and finished off with a dose of Photoshop, Viva Frida tells the tale of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. 

The text is minimal and simple, weaving a soft poem in both English and Spanish of Frida’s love of life and art. Those who love Frida will gleefully point out the nods to her artwork, and the cameos by her menagerie of pets. This little picture book somehow captures the ethereal spirit of Frida Kahlo better than almost any of the Frida-based books and movies have in the past twenty years.  

Ready to learn about Frida? Place the book on hold here! Want to learn more about how Viva Frida was created? Visit Yuyi Morales' Pinterest page to see her process: here
Frida at the Casa Azul with her husband Diego and her pets.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sneak Peek: Our New Mural

This past Saturday, renowned muralist Mike Miller began the Children's Library's brand new mural! Kids and families have been coming in over their holiday break to watch him work. You'll even get a chance to paint the mural at our Painting Parties on January 21 and 26. Give us a call for more information or to register! Meanwhile, check out some photos of his process:

A blank canvas: Our last mural, done in the late 90's, was painted over during last year's renovation.

Look closely: Mike Miller projected his work onto the whole wall and carefully traced it with a pencil.

A few dabs of green begin the painting process. 
And some more paint...
And some more...
A new sky for our rainbow!

This is only one day of painting! Imagine what the final product will look like!

If you'd like to help bring our mural to life, you can help us paint an element of the mural using stencils on January 21 at 4 pm or January 26 at 4:30 pm. Spots are limited, so please register by calling the Children's Library at 610-655-6350 or emails us at rplmc@reading.lib.pa.us.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Homeschool Programs

You told us what you wanted, and we're delivering! Homeschoolers from across the county told us what they'd like to see in our new enrichment opportunities. Check out what we have to offer and register for a FREE program.

Registration is necessary. To register for any of these programs, please contact the children's library at rplmc@reading.lib.pa.us, call us at 610-655-6350 x3, or stop in to fill out a registration form.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Winter is Coming!

Brace Yourself! Winter is coming, and so are all of these great new programs.

Do you dare join the Secret Readers Society? Each Tuesday at 4:30 pm, the enigmatic society will meet to read, discuss books, and complete a mysterious task. For independent readers.
There's too much science this month to contain it in just one Kids' Science Lab. So join us twice this month: Our regular Kids' Science Lab will meet on December 4 at 4 pm to investigate H2O and its forms. A Special Kids' Science Lab will meet on December 11 at 4 pm to participate in the "Hour of Code," where millions of kids across the globe will learn more about computer coding.

We are celebrating 10 years of Crafty Corner! Join us for our huge Craftacular Party featuring some of Miss Jeanette's favorite crafts from the past decade! December 10 at 4 pm.

Celebrate the holidays with us with cookies and stories on December 22 at 4:30 pm.

Need something to do during Winter Break? Pop into the library for special Holiday movies:
12/26: Jingle All the Way
12/29: Home Alone
12/30: Muppet Christmas Carol
1/2: Frozen

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Calling all homeschoolers!

Take our short Homeschool survey and have your voice heard on what types of FREE enrichment programs you'd like to see for your homeschool or cyber school family!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Candy Science

Become a mad scientist this Halloween, and do some experiments on your treats.

 This past month, our Kids’ Science Lab was open for some pretty sweet experiments…on candy! They “skinned” candy corn, made chocolate float and sink, and pulled the color off of fruit candies!

Just in time for Halloween, Miss Hannah is going to share one of her favorite candy experiments from her secret science files. Try this at home with your Halloween candy and join us for the next Kids’ Science Lab on Thursday November 6 at 4 pm to let us know your results.  

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Scrambled Stories

Thomas, 19, has been visiting the library since he was 4. He recently co-hosted the 7th Annual Talent Show in the children's library. For him, the library is a place to “hang out and relax. I have lots of good memories here.”

One of his earliest library memories is receiving his first t-shirt for completing the annual Summer Reading Program, a tradition the library still upholds.

What book does this seasoned library veteran suggest for kids?
The Scrambled States of America by Laurie Keller.

“All of the states in America switch places for a day,” Thomas explained. “And see what each others' lives are like.”
He’s also a huge fan of the book’s author, Laurie Keller. “She’s a really great author. All of her books are fun and she also illustrates her own books.”

Thomas has also attended a ton of library programs over his 15 year history at the library. He said his favorite program was playing the Wii with his fellow teens. “I’m a huge fan of the Wii and Wii U,” Thomas said.

For Thomas, the library is much more than just a place for books. “Don’t be afraid to tell the librarians anything,” he said. “Because they’re here to help you.”

Do you want to find out more about Laurie Keller’s funny books? Click here to see her offerings on our catalog.